• CamRock Cafe & Sport (map)
  • 217 W Main Street
  • Cambridge, WI 53523
  • USA

The description "folk-rock" puts you in the ballpark, but it is probably an understatement for Madison, WI-based band, The Wells Division. 

It's folk-rock with a pulse, heart and soul, grit, and humanity. 

It starts as a core of singer-songwriter tunes, written and performed by Gary Flesher, Jr, but then layered and supported with tasteful drumming by Kevin Pamulak, the driving bass of Brian Katz, and a multitude of textures offered up by Kevin Knapp on keys. Add the brass section led by Kevan Feyzi and the complimentary and powerful vocals from Joan Herzing, as well as her contribution on sax and accordian, and the directions are limitless. 

Each member has a distinctly unique musical background, but together the pieces fit just right. The style of songs themselves can seem just as varied, but ultimately they are tied together with not only instrumentation, but with bittersweet vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and the collective themes of what is essentially the yin and yang of life as we know it, and as we don't.