Crash The Lights is a Wisconsin based Indie/pop rock band, founded in 2013 by Eric McKinney in Madison, Wisconsin. As it’s main writer, producer, instrumentalist and singer, McKinney is the only official member of Crash The Lights, therefore determines the direction of the band. Crash The Lights music covers a wide variety of genres including anything from acoustic, rap, jazz, hard rock, and percussive breakdowns. When playing live, McKinney will assemble a band to play with, and based on the individual musicians, the feel or style of a song could vary slightly making the bands live show unique, fresh and exclusive every time they play.  After releasing their self titled debut album in 2013, Crash The Lights got enough local support to record a second album “Long Fall” (2014), supported by a three week long national tour. McKinney continues to write and produce more songs for the band that is steadily gigging and gaining exposure, fan by fan, throughout the country.