Imagine if Amy Winehouse, Ann Wilson and Gotye's Kimbra got together (in another dimension) for an hour of laughs and heartfelt tunes. Wisconsin-native Katie Scullin wraps up this unseemly trio with her powerful, classic voice each time she gets behind the mic. But there is something else—a gut-wrenching refrain here, a playfully voiced electro-riff there.
You can find her in backwoods bars and low-key martini lounges. Katie is a faithful fixture in Madison's after-dark haunts. Don't mistake her for a college trend, though. She's had equal billing in small town establishments and festivals, as well as large venues around the Midwest.
In 2009 Katie led the band Rivalry as it took home the Emerging Artists Series Competition Award at Milwaukee's Summerfest. She was front woman for Star Persons, an “Electro Rap Pop” group that received numerous awards at the Madison Area Music Awards in 2011 and 2012. To date, Katie is working as a solo artist and playing out with a newly formed band featuring guitarist Dj Scullin, Darren Marabelli and Travis Drumm on drums.
Some people play music to play music. Some people sing because they can. And then there are those who write searching lyrics because they must, who work on music because they are compelled to deconstruct, reinvent and refine. Katie has a way of wrapping you in her rhythm, surprising you with a jab here and a soft, elegant whimper there. She has turned the indie-pop ballad on its head, and continues to craft an impressive arsenal of original songs planted firmly in her own style.